Where to start?

That is a good question. I just begin, one foot in front of the other. I have tried this path once before and was pretty successful but lost my way halfway through. If your wondering what journey that may be, it is two different journeys but are intertwined in my own self worth along with two other journeys that are also super important but less about me and more about those I love. I am talking about my weight loss and spiritual journeys.  The second are my relationships with first my husband and second my kids (4 total).

Back in June of 2016 I began Take Shape for Life. It was great. I started off strong and lost weight. By August it slowed down and by September I had begun cheating and grew frustrated. In October I took a trip to another country and abandoned my efforts with a vow to start again when I returned. I didn’t return and used every excuse under the sun. Additionally, my hair began falling out and I was tired all the time and felt depressed. I finally realized my thyroid levels were significantly low.  Turns out you cant eat Medifast meals while taking your medicine. It makes it not work as well. So over 5 months my thyroid levels got increasingly thrown off. I have gotten my medicine balanced again and indulged much more than I care to admit through the holidays. I gained back 20 pounds of the 35 I lost. So I am at it again. This time smarter. I will do it better and I will also incorporate exercise so that when I do eventually get to where I want to be, I can maintain it. At least that is the hope. That I can do it better the second time. So today is day 1!

As far as my spiritual journey I will think on that some and write on it later.